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ATCM XXVIII - CEP VIII - Meeting Documents

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List of Documents
NumberAg. ItemsTitleSubmitted By
WP001 CEP 3
Working Paper to initiate a strategic discussion on future environmental challenges in Antarctica and its dependent and associated ecosystems Sweden
WP002 CEP 4(g)
Systematic Environmental Protection in Antarctica: A draft Systematic Environmental-Geographic Framework for Antarctica created using Environmental Domains Analysis. New Zealand
WP003 CEP 4(g)
Antarctic Protected Areas System: Lillie Marleen Hut, Mt. Dockery, Everett Range, northern Victoria Land, Antarctica. Proposal for Inclusion in the Antarctic Treaty List of Historic Sites and Monuments Germany
WP004 CEP 4(g)
Draft Revised Management Plan for ASPA 119 Davis Valley and Forlidas Pond, Dufek Massif United States
WP005 CEP 4(g)
Final Revised Management Plan for ASPA 149 Cape Shirreff and San Telmo Island, Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands. Chile
United States
WP006 CEP 4(g)
Draft Management Plan for ASMA ? Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, South Pole. United States
WP007 CEP 4(g)
Revision of Management Plan for Antarctic Specially Protected Area No.133 (Harmony Point) Argentina
WP008 CEP 4(g)
Revision of Management Plan for Antarctic Specially Protected Area No.132 (Potter Peninsula) Argentina
WP009 CEP 3
The Committee on Environmental Protection of the Antarctic Treaty: An overview and likely future scenarios Argentina
WP010 CEP 6
State of the Antarctic Environment Reporting System: Report of the Intersessional Contact Group Australia
New Zealand
WP011 CEP 4(g)
A Review of the Antarctic Protected Areas System New Zealand
WP012 ATCM 12
‘Land-Based’ Tourism in Antarctica New Zealand
WP013 ATCM 18
Biological Prospecting in Antarctica New Zealand
WP014 ATCM 15
Proposed Improvements to Measures Designed to Prevent Environmental Damage in Antarctica Russian Federation
WP015 CEP 4(g)
Revised Management Plan for Antarctic Specially Protected Area 127 Haswell Island (Haswell Island and Adjacent Emperor Penguin Rookery on Fast Ice) Russian Federation
WP016 ATCM 13
Scott Base and Mcmurdo Station: Report of an inspection under Article VII of the Antarctic Treaty and Article 14 of the Protocol on Environmental Protection Australia
Scott Base and McMurdo Station
WP017 CEP 4(g)
Antarctic Protected Area System: Review of Antarctic Specially Protected Areas 155, 157, 158, 159 New Zealand
WP018 ATCM 12
Report of the intersessional contact group on accreditation scheme for Antarctic tour operators United Kingdom
WP019 CEP 4(b)
Draft Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation (CEE) United Kingdom
WP020 CEP 4(g)
Deception Island Antarctic Specially Managed Area (ASMA) Management Package Argentina
United Kingdom
United States
WP021 rev.1 CEP 4(g)
Antarctic Specially Protected Area no. 120 - Revised management plan - Cape Geology archipelago France
WP022 CEP 4(g)
Proposal for classifying Historical Site No.46 Port Martin (Adelie Coast) France
WP023 CEP 5
Progress report of the CEP Intersessional Contact Group on Environmental Monitoring France
WP024 CEP 4(g)
Intersessional Contact Group to Consider Antarctic Specially Protected Area at Dakshin Gangotri Glacier, Dronning Maud Land – Convener’s report India
WP025 CEP 4(g)
Proposed Management Plan for Dakshin Gangotri Glacier, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctic Specially Protected Area (ASPA) No XXX India

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