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ATCM XXIX - CEP IX - Meeting Documents

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List of Documents
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WP001 CEP 7
Report of the CEP Intersessional Contact Group on Site Guidelines for Visitors to Antarctica United Kingdom
Barrientos Island (Aitcho Island)
Cuverville Island
Hannah Point
Jougla Point
Neko Harbour
Paulet Island
Penguin Island
Petermann Island
Pleneau Island
Turret Point
Yankee Harbour
WP002 ATCM 12
Policy Issues Arising from On-Site Review of Guidelines for Visitor Sites in the Antarctic Peninsula United Kingdom
United States
WP003 CEP 8
Wildlife Awareness Information for Aircraft Operations in Antarctica United Kingdom
WP004 CEP 7
Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) – Tools for Protection and Management United Kingdom
WP005 rev.1 CEP 13
Practical Guidelines for Ballast Water Exchange in the Antarctic Treaty Area United Kingdom
WP006 ATCM 15
Extending the use of the Automatic Identification System (AIS) to Antarctic operations safety Uruguay
WP007 CEP 7
The work of CCAMLR on Marine Protected Areas CCAMLR
Report of the CCAMLR Workshop on Marine Protected Areas
WP008 CEP 7
Management Plan for the Larsemann Hills Antarctic Specially Managed Area Australia
Russian Federation
WP009 CEP 7
Revision of Management Plan for Antarctic Specially Protected Area No. 136 - Clark Peninsula, Budd Coast, Wilkes Land Australia
ASPA 136 - Clark Peninsula
WP010 rev.1 CEP 7
Draft Antarctic Specially Protected Area (ASPA) Management Plan for Hawker Island, Vestfold Hills, Ingrid Christensen Coast, Princess Elizabeth Land, East Antarctica Australia
M1 (2006) ASPA 167 Hawker Island
WP011 CEP 4
Committee for Environmental Protection (CEP) Handbook Australia
CEP Handbook
WP012 CEP 7
Antarctic Protected Areas System: Proposal for a New Protected Area at Edmonson Point, Wood Bay, Ross Sea Italy
M1 (2006) Annex F. Map 1. ASPA 165 Edmonson Point
M1 (2006) Annex F. Map 2. ASPA 165 Edmonson Point
M1 (2006) Annex F. Map 3. ASPA 165 Edmonson Point
M1 (2006) Annex F. Map 4. ASPA 165 Edmonson Point
M1 (2006) ASPA 165 Edmonson Point
WP013 CEP 8
Non-native Species in the Antarctic. Report of a Workshop New Zealand
WP014 ATCM 5
CCAMLR in the Antarctic Treaty System New Zealand
WP015 rev.1 ATCM 12
Regulation of Land-Based Infrastructure to Support Tourism in Antarctica New Zealand
WP016 CEP 9
Environmental Monitoring and Reporting. Report of the Intersessional ContactGroup France
WP017 ATCM 9
CEP 11
Contingency Planning and Emergency Response France
WP018 ATCM 12
Establishment of “areas of special tourist interest” France
WP019 CEP 7
Proposed registration of the Landing Rock on the list of historical sites and monuments France
I. Carte de l´Astrolabe et de la Zélée
II. Extrait de la carte IGN 1/1000 000 de Terre Adélie
III. Iles Dumoulin par Dubouzet
IV. Carte des trajets de Dumont d´Urville
Va. Les Iles Dumoulin et le Rocher du Débarquement dans le Pilote de Terre Adélie
Vb: Vue du Rocher du Débarquement dans le Pilote de Terre Adélie (quadrant 80°).
Vc. Deux vues du Rocher du Débarquement (du N et du SO).
VI. Photo 1 du Rocher du Débarquement
VII. Photo 2 du Rocher du Débarquement
VIIIa. La prise de possession de Terre Adélie (gravure 1)
VIIIb. La prise de possession Terre Adélie le 21 janvier 1840 (gravure 2)
WP020 CEP 15
Establishment of a New Indian Research Base in the Larsemann Hills, East Antarctica India
WP021 rev.1 CEP 7
Proposal of classification as Specially Protected Area n° 46 Port-Martin (Terre-Adelie) France
M1 (2006) Annex G. ASPA 166 Port Martin Annex A
M1 (2006) Annex G. ASPA 166 Port Martin Annex B
M1 (2006) Annex G. ASPA 166 Port Martin Annex C
M1 (2006) ASPA 166 Port Martin
WP022 CEP 7
“Possibilities for environmental management of Fildes Peninsula and Ardley Island”. Proposal to establish an intersessional contact group Brazil
Korea (ROK)
Russian Federation
WP023 CEP 7
Proposed Improvements to Measures Designed to Prevent Environmental Damage in Antarctica Russian Federation
WP024 CEP 7
Revised Management Plan for Antarctic Specially Protected Area 127 Haswell Island (Haswell Island and Adjacent Emperor Penguin Rookery on Fast Ice) Russian Federation
Antarctic Specially Protected Area 127 HASWELL ISLAND
WP025 CEP 6a
Construction and operation of the new Belgian Research Station in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica. Draft Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation (CEE) Belgium

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