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ATCM XXXI - CEP XI - Meeting Documents

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List of Documents
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WP001 ATCM 5
Proposal by Australia, the United Kingdom and Norway to amend Rule 11 of the Rules of Procedure of the ATCM Norway
United Kingdom
Working Groups of the ATCM, 1962-2007
WP002 CEP 7(c)
Site Guidelines for Wordie House, Winter Island, Argentine Islands Ukraine
United Kingdom
WP003 CEP 7(a)
Proposal for a new Antarctic Specially Protected Area at Narębski Point, Barton Peninsula, King George Island Korea (ROK)
ASPA Narębski Point Management Plan
WP004 ATCM 17
Report of the ATCM Intersessional Contact Group to examine the issue of Biological Prospecting in the Antarctic Treaty Area Netherlands
WP005 CEP 6(a)
The Draft Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation for the construction and operation of the Chinese Dome A Station in Antarctica China
WP006 ATCM 11
Environmentally sound Tourism in the Antarctic Treaty Area France
WP007 CEP 7(a)
Five Years Review of Antarctic Specially Protected Area (ASPA) N° 161 Terra Nova Bay, Ross Sea Italy
ASPA 161 Terranova Bay Management Plan
WP008 CEP 7(a)
Revised Management Plan for Antarctic Specially Protected Area No. 138 Linnaeus Terrace, Asgard Range, Victoria Land United States
ASPA 138 Fig 1: Linnaeus Terrace
ASPA 138 Linnaeus Terrace Management Plan
ASPA 138 Map 1: Wright and Taylor Valleys
ASPA 138 Map 2: Topography and boundary
WP009 CEP 7(a)
Revised Management Plan for Antarctic Specially Protected Area No. 137, Northwest White Island, McMurdo Sound United States
ASPA No. 137 Map 1: Topographic map
ASPA No. 137 Northwest White Island Management Plan
WP010 rev.1 ATCM 13
CEP 8(b)
Status of the Regional, Antarctic Population of the Southern Giant Petrel - Progress SCAR
Addendum to XXXI ATCM WP10
WP011 ATCM 17
An update on biological prospecting in Antarctica, including the development of the Antarctic Biological Prospecting Database Belgium
WP012 ATCM 14
CEP 6(b)
CEP 7(c)
Human Disturbance to Wildlife in the Broader Antarctic Region: A Review of Findings SCAR
Appendix. Antarctic Region: A Review of Findings
WP013 CEP 7(a)
Revised Management Plan for Antarctic Specially Protected Area No. 106 Cape Hallett, Northern Victoria Land, Ross Sea United States
ASPA No. 106 Cape Hallet Management Plan
Map 1: Regional Map
Map 2: Topography, boundaries & features
WP014 CEP 7(a)
Revised Management Plan for Antarctic Specially Protected Area No. 124 Cape Crozier, Ross Island United States
ASPA No. 124 Cape Crozier Management Plan
Map 1: Topography & boundary
Map 2: Access, facilities, and wildlife
WP015 CEP 6(a)
Report of the Intersessional Open-ended Contact Group to Consider the Draft CEE for the “Proposed Construction and Operation of the New Chinese Research Station at Dome A” Australia
WP016 CEP 8(a)
Antarctic Alien Species Database Australia
WP017 CEP 3
Preparation for Scheduled CEP Discussions: Reviews of Past Activities Australia
WP018 ATCM 5
Annex II: Proposals for Completing the Review Australia
WP019 CEP 7(a)
Revised Draft Antarctic Specially Protected Area (ASPA) Management Plan for Amanda Bay, Ingrid Christensen Coast, Princess Elizabeth Land, East Antarctica Australia
ASPA Amanda Bay Management Plan
WP020 ATCM 11
Maritime Search and Rescue Incidents in the Antarctic Treaty Area: the Role of Rescue Coordination Centres New Zealand
WP021 ATCM 11
Control of Permanent Land-based Facilities in Antarctica New Zealand
WP022 ATCM 11
Implications of Tourist Vessels flagged to non-Parties for the effectiveness of the Antarctic Treaty System New Zealand
WP023 ATCM 5
CEP 14
Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources Performance Review New Zealand
WP024 CEP 9(b)
Improving the CEP’s Role in Advising the ATCM on the State of Antarctic Environments New Zealand
WP025 rev.1 CEP 7(a)
Review of Antarctic Specially Protected Area (ASPA) No.s 105, 118, 155, 154, and 156 New Zealand
Management plan for ASPA 118, Summit of Mount Melbourne, Victoria Land
Management plan for ASPA 154, Botany Bay, Cape Geology, Victoria Land
Management plan for ASPA 155, Cape Evans, Ross Island
Management plan for ASPA 156, Lewis Bay, Mount Erebus, Ross Island.

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