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ATCM XXXII - CEP XII - Meeting Documents

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List of Documents
NumberAg. ItemsTitleSubmitted By
WP001 ATCM 17
The Antarctic biological prospecting database Belgium
WP002 CEP 7c
Site Guidelines for Stonington Island, Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula United Kingdom
United States
Site Guidelines Stonington Island
WP003 CEP 7b
Antarctic Protected Area System: Revised list of Historic Sites and Monuments - Measure 3 (2003). Guidelines for its application Chile
WP004 CEP 7d
Second Progress Report on the Discussion of the International Working Group about Possibilities for Environmental Management of Fildes Peninsula and Ardley Island Chile
WP005 CEP 8a
A work program for CEP action on non-native species Australia
New Zealand
WP006 ATCM 10
Maximizing the Antarctic IPY legacy Norway
United Kingdom
WP007 CEP 4
Amendments to the Rules of Procedure for the Committee for Environmental Protection Australia
Revised Rules of Procedure for the CEP (2009)
WP008 CEP 7a
Subsidiary Group on Management Plans – Report on Term of Reference #4: Improving Management Plans and the Process for their Intersessional Review Australia
WP009 CEP 7c
Report on informal discussions about the non-specific information contained in the Site Guidelines for Visitors to Antarctica France
WP010 ATCM 11
Strategic vision of Antarctic tourism for the next decade United Kingdom
WP011 CEP 7c
Site Guidelines for Horseshoe Island and Detaille Island, Antarctic Peninsula United Kingdom
Site Guidelines Detaille Island
Site Guidelines Horseshoe Island
WP012 CEP 6b
Environmental aspects and impacts of tourism and non-governmental activities in Antarctica: Draft project scope Australia
New Zealand
WP013 CEP 7c
Visitor Site Guide for Cape Royds, Ross Island New Zealand
United States
Visitor Site Guideline Cape Royds
WP014 CEP 11
Report of the CEP Observer to the twenty-seventh meeting of the Scientific Committee to CCAMLR; 27 – 31 October 2008 New Zealand
WP015 ATCM 5
Initiative to Extend the Boundary of the International Maritime Organization’s Antarctic Special Area Northward to the Antarctic Convergence United States
WP016 ATCM 11
Lifeboats on Antarctic Tourist Vessels United States
WP017 ATCM 11
Proposal to make binding certain limitations on landing of persons from passenger vessels United States
WP018 ATCM 17
Regulation of biological prospecting under the Antarctic Treaty system Australia
New Zealand
WP019 CEP 7c
Site Guidelines for Wordie House, Winter Island, Argentine Islands Ukraine
United Kingdom
Site Guidelines Wordie House
WP020 CEP 7a
Revision of Management Plan for Antarctic Specially Protected Area No. 152: Western Bransfield Strait United States
ASPA No. 152 Map 1
ASPA No. 152 Western Bransfield Strait Management Plan
WP021 CEP 7a
Revision of Management Plan for Antarctic Specially Protected Area No. 153: Eastern Dallmann Bay United States
ASPA No. 153 Eastern Dallmann Bay
ASPA No. 153. Map 1
WP022 CEP 7a
Revision of Management Plan for Antarctic Specially Protected Area No. 121: Cape Royds, Ross Island United States
ASPA No 121 Map 2
ASPA No. 121 Cape Royds, Ross Island
ASPA No. 121 Map 1
WP023 CEP 8a
Propagule transport associated with logistic operations: a South African appraisal of a regional issue South Africa
WP024 CEP 7a
Revision of Management Plan for Antarctic Specially Protected Area No. 113: Litchfield Island, Arthur Harbor, Anvers Island, Palmer Archipelago United States
ASPA No. 113 Map 1
ASPA No. 113 Map 2
ASPA No. 113. Litchfield Island
WP025 CEP 7a
Revision of maps and text for the Management Plan for Antarctic Specially Managed Area No. 7: Southwest Anvers Island and Palmer Basin United States
ASMA No. 7 Map 1
ASMA No. 7 Map 2
ASMA No. 7 Map 3
ASMA No. 7 Map 4
ASMA No. 7 Map 5
ASMA No. 7 Map 6
ASMA No. 7 Map 7
ASMA No. 7 Map 8

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