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ATCM XXXIV - CEP XIV - Meeting Documents

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List of Documents
NumberAg. ItemsTitleSubmitted By
WP001 ATCM 11
CEP 10
Inspection undertaken by Japan in accordance with Article VII of the Antarctic Treaty and Article XIV of the Protocol on Environmental Protection Japan
WP002 rev.1 ATCM 9
Early Warning System for Antarctica of the arrival of waves generated by earthquakes Argentina
WP003 CEP 7a
Review of the management plan for ASPA No. 120, Pointe-Géologie Archipelago, Terre Adélie France
ASPA 120. Revised Management Plan
WP004 CEP 7a
Management Plan for ASPA No. 166, Port-Martin, Terre Adélie. Proposal to extend the existing Management Plan France
WP005 CEP 7b
Proposed addition of No.1 Building Commemorating China’s Antarctic Expedition at Great Wall Station to the List of Historic Sites and Monument China
WP006 CEP 7a
Revised Management Plan for Antarctic Specially Protected Area No. 149 Cape Shirreff and San Telmo Island, Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands United States
ASPA 149 Map 1
ASPA 149 Map 2
ASPA 149 Map 3
ASPA 149 Revised Management Plan
WP007 CEP 6a
Report of the intersessional open-ended contact group to consider the draft CEE for the “Construction and Operation of the Jang Bogo Station, Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica” Australia
WP008 ATCM 20
CEP 14
Proposed schedule for the 35th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, Hobart, 2012 Australia
WP009 CEP 7a
Revised Management Plan for Antarctic Specially Protected Area No. 122 Arrival Heights, Hut Point Peninsula, Ross Island United States
ASPA 122 Map 1
ASPA 122 Map 2
ASPA 122 Revised Management Plan
WP010 CEP 7a
Developing a plan for Special protection at Taylor Glacier and Blood Falls, Taylor Valley, McMurdo Dry Valleys Victoria Land United States
Appendix A – Protected Area Boundary Options
WP011 ATCM 10
Follow-up to the unauthorized presence of French yachts within the Treaty area and damage caused to the hut known as Wordie House -Observations on the consequences of the affair France
WP012 CEP 8a
Raising awareness of non-native species introductions: Workshop results and checklists for supply chain managers COMNAP
COMNAP/SCAR Checklists for Supply Chain Managers
COMNAP/SCAR NNS Workshop Report
WP013 CEP 7a
Subsidiary Group on Management Plans – Report on Terms of Reference #4 and #5: Improving Management Plans and the Process for their Intersessional Review Australia
Resolution 2 (2011) - Annex
WP014 CEP 6a
Report of the Intersessional Open-ended Contact Group to Consider the Draft CEE for the “Proposed Exploration of Subglacial Lake Ellsworth, Antarctica” Norway
WP015 rev.1 CEP 9
Remote Sensing Techniques for Improved Monitoring of Environment and Climate Change in Antarctica United Kingdom
WP016 CEP 6a
Draft Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation (CEE) for the Proposed Exploration of Subglacial Lake Ellsworth, Antarctica United Kingdom
Non-technical summary
WP017 CEP 7c
Revision of Site Guidelines for Whalers Bay, Deception Island, South Shetland Islands United Kingdom
United States
Revised Site guidelines for Whalers Bay
WP018 CEP 7a
Proposed monitoring activities within Antarctic Specially Protected Area (ASPA) No. 107 Emperor Island, Dion Islands, Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula United Kingdom
WP019 ATCM 10
The Assessment of Land-Based Activities in Antarctica United Kingdom
WP020 ATCM 10
Data Collection and Reporting on Yachting Activity in Antarctica in 2010/11 United Kingdom
WP021 ATCM 10
Antarctic Tourism: Towards a strategic and pro-active approach via an inventory of outstanding questions Netherlands
United Kingdom
WP022 ATCM 5
An additional procedure for intersessional consultations among ATCPs Netherlands
WP023 CEP 7a
Revision of the Management Plan for Antarctic Specially Protected Area (ASPA) No. 140 Parts of Deception Island, South Shetland Islands United Kingdom
ASPA 140 - Revised Management Plan
WP024 ATCM 5
Progress Report of the Intersessional Contact Group on Review of ATCM Recommendations Argentina
WP025 ATCM 5
Timely Submission of Papers in Advance of ATCMs Germany
United States

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