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Forty-second Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting - Twenty-second Committee for Environmental Protection Meeting

Prague, Czech Republic
01 Jul 2019 - 11 Jul 2019

Instructions for the submission of documents

Documents should be sent to the specific email account established by the Antarctic Treaty Secretariat (ATS) prior to every Meeting.

The Manual for submission documents to the meetings includes templates and tips on how to handle styles and illustrations. It also provides a reminder on deadlines and basic information you should not forget to include in your paper. A Word 97/2003 Template (blank document) is also available.

Download Manual
Download Template

Online registration

Parties should use the online registration to register Delegates to the meeting. Only the Contact Administrators of each Party or persons authorized by them can access this section with their personal password. They are strongly encouraged to do so – it will save time and bother on the opening day of the meeting.
The complete list of delegates (on the right) is built automatically from the data entered in the Online registration.

-  Access the Online Registration

Hotel registration, visa and entry regulations, venue and facilities

For information on hotel registration, visa and entry regulations, venue and facilities, please visit the Host Government Website at atcm42-prague.cz. Questions about these subjects can be addressed to atcm42@mzv.cz.

Agenda and Schedule
- Meeting Documents
- Secretariat Notes
- Delegates List
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