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ATCM XII Canberra 1983 3 Environmental impact of scientific research
ATCM XIV Rio de Janeiro 1987 2 Environmental impact evaluation
SATCM XI-4 Madrid 1991 Environment Protocol
SATCM XI-4 Madrid 1991 Annex I of the Environment Protocol
ATCM XIX Seoul 1995 R6 Circulation of information on EIAs
ATCM XXI Christchurch 1997 R2 Procedures for Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation follow-up
ATCM XXIII - CEP II Lima 1999 R1 EIA Guidelines
ATCM XXVIII - CEP VIII Stockholm 2005 R1 Environmental Impact Assesment: Circulation of information
ATCM XXVIII - CEP VIII Stockholm 2005 R4 Revised EIA guidelines
ATCM XXX - CEP X New Delhi 2007 Intersessional Consideration of Draft CEEs
ATCM XXXIX - CEP XIX Santiago 2016 R1 Revised Guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment in Antarctica
ATCM XXXIX - CEP XIX Santiago 2016 R3 Code of Conduct for Activity within Terrestrial Geothermal Environments in Antarctica
ATCM XL - CEP XX Beijing 2017 Procedures for intersessional CEP consideration of draft CEEs
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