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ATCM I Canberra 1961 VIII Measures for the protection of living resources
ATCM III Brussels 1964 VIII Agreed Measures for the Conservation of Antarctic Fauna and Flora
ATCM III Brussels 1964 X Conservation of Antarctic flora and fauna
ATCM VI Tokyo 1970 4 Human interference with the environment
ATCM VII Wellington 1972 1 SCAR's advice on environmental protection
ATCM VIII Oslo 1975 11 Code of conduct for Antarctic activites
ATCM VIII Oslo 1975 13 Protection and monitoring of the Antarctic Environment
ATCM IX London 1977 5 Declaration on the protection of the Antarctic environment
ATCM X Washington 1979 4 Removal of geological specimens
ATCM XIV Rio de Janeiro 1987 3 Regulations for scientific drilling
ATCM XV Paris 1989 1 Comprehensive system for the protection of the Antarctic environment
ATCM XV Paris 1989 5 Environmental monitoring activities
ATCM XV Paris 1989 19 Hydrographic survey and charting
SATCM XI-4 Madrid 1991 Environment Protocol
ATCM XVI Bonn 1991 13 Intersessional meeting on tourism
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