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ATCM VIII Oslo 1975 10 Protection and study of Antarctic marine living resources.
ATCM IX London 1977 2 Research on and conservation of Antarctic marine living resources
ATCM X Washington 1979 2 CCAMLR negotiations
Conf. CCAMLR Canberra 1980 Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources
ATCM XI Buenos Aires 1981 2 Entry into force of CCAMLR
ATCM XXIII - CEP II Lima 1999 R3 Support for CCAMLR
SATCM XII - CEP III The Hague 2000 R2 Support for CCAMLR Catch Documentation Scheme
ATCM XXIV - CEP IV St. Petersburg 2001 R2 Support for the CCAMLR Catch Documentation Scheme.
ATCM XXV - CEP V Warsaw 2002 R3 Support for CCAMLR
ATCM XXVIII - CEP VIII Stockholm 2005 D9 Marine Protected Areas
ATCM XXIX - CEP IX Edinburgh 2006 R1 CCAMLR in the Antarctic Treaty System
ATCM XL - CEP XX Beijing 2017 R5 Establishment of the Ross Sea Region Marine Protected Area
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