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ATCM IX London 1977 6 Study and discussion of oil contamination
ATCM X Washington 1979 7 Oil contamination studies
ATCM XV Paris 1989 4 Measures to prevent marine pollution.
SATCM XI-4 Madrid 1991 Annex IV of the Environment Protocol (Prevention of Marine Pollution)
ATCM XXII - CEP I Tromsø 1998 R3 Draft Polar Shipping Code
ATCM XXIII - CEP II Lima 1999 D2 Expert meeting to develop draft guidelines for Antarctic shipping
ATCM XXVI - CEP VI Madrid 2003 R1 Advice to vessel and yacht operators
ATCM XXVII - CEP VII Capetown 2004 R1 Marine pollution and fishing activities
ATCM XXVIII - CEP VIII Stockholm 2005 D8 Use of Heavy Fuel Oil
ATCM XXIX - CEP IX Edinburgh 2006 D2 Ballast Water Exchange: Referral to IMO
ATCM XXIX - CEP IX Edinburgh 2006 R3 Ballast Water Exchange
ATCM XXXIII - CEP XIII Punta del Este 2010 R5 Co-ordination among Antarctic Treaty Parties on Antarctic proposals under consideration in the IMO
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