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Decision 3 (2001) - ATCM XXIV - CEP IV, St. Petersburg

SubjectElaboration of draft liability annex
Adopted 20/07/2001. No longer current: D1 (2011)
Category Environmental protection
Topics - Annex VI (Liability)
- Liability
The Representatives,

Taking into account Decision 3 (1998), which called on Working Group I to elaborate draft texts for an annex or annexes on liability for environmental damage;

Encouraged by the progress made in the meetings of Working Group I and in informal consultations on a liability annex to the Environment Protocol;

Conscious of the need to continue the negotiations on this issue, which were mandated in Article 16 of the Environment Protocol;


1. To invite the Chairman of Working Group I to elaborate a draft text of an annex on the liability aspects of environmental emergencies, as a step in the establishment of a liability regime in accordance with Article 16 of the Protocol, on the basis of the draft text proposed by the United States (ATCM XXIV/WP6) and his own draft text (ATCM XXIV/WP17), taking into account the paper produced by SCAR and COMNAP in response to Resolution 5 (1999) (ATCM XXIV/WP14), the informal consultations and the discussions in Working Group I on this topic, and the papers produced during these discussions.

2. To further invite the Chairman of Working Group I to explore the possibility of holding intersessional consultations in 2002, under the same conditions as normal meetings of the ATCM, in order to develop a consensus on the draft text, and to encourage all Antarctic Treaty Parties to participate in any such intersessional consultations.

3. To continue and conclude the negotiations on a draft annex on the liability aspects of environmental emergencies as soon as possible and to undertake these negotiations in Working Group I of the ATCM.
Relevant Final Report paragraph82
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