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Resolution 1 (2005) - ATCM XXVIII - CEP VIII, Stockholm

SubjectEnvironmental Impact Assesment: Circulation of information
Adopted 17/06/2005
Category Environmental impact assessment
Information exchange

The Representatives,

Recalling Articles III and VII of the Antarctic Treaty and Articles 3, 6.2 and 17 of the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty;

Noting that Annex I to the Protocol creates obligations to exchange information annually, including information on Initial Environmental Evaluations and Comprehensive Environmental Evaluations;

Noting that the requirements for the exchange of information have been further developed in numerous measures of the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings;

Taking into account the establishment of the Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty;

Conscious of Resolution 6 (1995), which states that the procedures on circulation of information should be reviewed following the establishment of a permanent Secretariat;

Desirous that such information should be easily accessible and in a comprehensive and uniform format so that the scale and trend of activities and developments in Antarctica can be readily monitored;

Recommend that:

1) Their Governments should provide the Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty with a list of the Initial Environmental Evaluations and Comprehensive Environmental Evaluations prepared by or submitted to them during the period from April 1 of the previous year to March 31 prior to the ATCM.

2) The above list should, at a minimum, contain the following information: a short description of the development or activity; the type of environmental impact assessment undertaken (IEE or CEE); the location (name, latitude, and longitude) of the activity; the organisation responsible for the EIA; and any decision taken following consideration of the environmental impact assessment.

3) A copy in electronic format of these documents should also be submitted where possible.

4) The lists should be collated by the Secretariat, posted on the ATS website and circulated as an information paper to the ATCM and thereafter, if the ATCM so agrees, be published as an Annex to the final Report of the ATCM.
Relevant Final Report paragraph94
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