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Decision 4 (2010) - ATCM XXXIII - CEP XIII, Punta del Este

SubjectLiability arising from Environmental Emergencies
Adopted 14/05/2010. No longer current: D5 (2015)
Category Institutional & legal matters
Topics - Annex VI (Liability)
- Liability
Liability arising from Environmental Emergencies

The Representatives,
Considering the adoption of Measure 1 (2005);
Recalling the undertaking in Article 16 of the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty;
Recalling Decision 3 (2001) regarding the elaboration of an Annex on the liability aspects of environmental emergencies, as a step in the establishment of a liability regime in accordance with Article 16 of the Protocol;

1) to continue to evaluate annually the progress made towards Annex VI to the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty becoming effective in accordance with Article IX of the Antarctic Treaty, and what action may be necessary and appropriate to encourage Parties to approve Annex VI in a timely fashion;
2) that ten years from the adoption of Annex VI, in light of the evaluation pursuant to paragraph 1 above, to take a decision on the establishment of a time-frame for the resumption of negotiations, in accordance with Article 16 of the Protocol, to elaborate further rules and procedures as may be necessary relating to liability for damage arising from activities taking place in the Antarctic Treaty area and covered by the Protocol;
3) to request the Committee for Environmental Protection to consider environmental issues related to the practicality of repair or remediation of environmental damage in the circumstances of Antarctica, in order to assist the ATCM in adopting an informed decision in 2015 related to the resumption of the negotiations; and
4) that Decision 1 (2005) is no longer current.
Relevant Final Report paragraph172
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