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  Primary reason for designation  
Reason Total Areas Total km2
A 3 128.54
B 10 33.06
C 39 1747.285
E 9 970.75
F 7 903.62
G 2 541.14
H 6 0.3
I 2 15.14
Identifier Description
A areas kept inviolate from human interference so that future comparisons may be possible with localities that have been affected by human activities;
B representative examples of major terrestrial, including glacial and aquatic, ecosystems and marine ecosystems;
C areas with important or unusual assemblages of species, including major colonies of breeding native birds or mammals;
D the type locality or only known habitat of any species;
E areas of particular interest to ongoing or planned scientific research;
F examples of outstanding geological, glaciological or geomorphological features;
G areas of outstanding aesthetic and wilderness value;
H sites or monuments of recognised historic value;
I areas as may be appropriate to protect the values set out in Article 3 paragraph1 of Annex V.
  Main Environmental Domain represented  
Domain Total Areas Total km2
A 5 452.81
B 9 3776.31
C 2 288.57
D 14 361.38
E 5 381.29
G 9 138.74
L 4 7.82
M 1 123
N 1 232
O 2 137.41
P 2 142.23
Q 1 26286.03
R 1 56.81
S 15 18898.13
T 3 111.44
U 4 286.825
Identifier Description
A Antarctic Peninsula northern geologic
B Antarctic Peninsula mid-northern latitudes geologic
C Antarctic Peninsula southern geologic
D East Antarctic coastal geologic (e.g. Vestfold, Bunger, Wilson hills)
E Antarctic Peninsula, Alexander and other islands main ice fields and glaciers)
F Larsen Ice Shelf (also includes Prince Gustav and other northern peninsula ice shelf remnants)
G Antarctic Peninsula offshore islands (e.g. most of Deception Island)
H East Antarctic low latitude glacier tongues (e.g. Mertz, Rennick)
I East Antarctic ice shelves (e.g. Fimbulisen, Amery, Shackleton, Cook, Moubray Bay)
J Southern latitude coastal fringe ice shelves and floating glaciers (e.g. Pine Island,Thwaites, Getz, Drygalski)
K Northern latitude ice shelves (e.g. Wordie, George VI, Wilkins, Abbot, Riser-Larsenisen, Nansen)
L Continental coastal-zone ice sheet
M Continental mid-latitude sloping ice (e.g. Ellsworth & Coats lands, upper Lambert Gl, northern Berkner & Thurston islands)
N East Antarctic inland ice sheet
O West Antarctic Ice Sheet (also includes inland Coats Land, Taylor Dome, Ross Island ice cap)
P Ross and Ronne-Filchner ice shelves
Q East Antarctic high interior ice sheet
R Transantarctic Mountains geologic (Shackleton Range to Cook Mountains)
S McMurdo - South Victoria Land geologic (also includes Ellsworth, Werner etc mountains)
T Inland continental geologic (Dronning Maud, MacRobertson, Victoria, Oates lands, Ford Range)
U North Victoria Land geologic (also includes Executive Committee Range, Prince Charles & Jones mountains)
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