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HSM 60: Wooden pole and cairn (I), and wooden plaque and cairn (II), both located at Penguins Bay, southern coast of Seymour Island (Marambio), James Ross Archipelago.
Proponent: Argentina, Sweden
Location: 64º 17’ 47.2” S  56º 41’ 30.7” W
Description: The wooden pole and a cairn (I) were installed in 1902 during the Swedish South Polar Expedition led by Dr. Otto Nordenskjöld. This cairn used to have attached a 4 m high wooden pole – nowadays only 44 cm high –, guy-lines and a flag, and was installed to signal the location of a well stocked deposit, composed of few wooden boxes containing food supplies, notes and letters saved inside bottles. The deposit was to be used in case the Swedish South Polar Expedition was forced to retreat on its way to the south. The wooden plaque (II) was placed on 10 November 1903 by the crew of a rescue mission of the Argentinean Corvette Uruguay in the site where they met the members of the Swedish expedition led by Dr Otto Nordenskjöld. The text of the wooden plaque reads as follows: “10.XI.1903 Uruguay (Argentine Navy) in its journey to give assistance to the Swedish Antarctic expedition.” In January 1990, a rock cairn (II) was erected by Argentina in memory of this event in the place where the plaque is located.
Designation: M 9 (2016)
Last Review:
Current Plan:
Management: Argentina, Sweden


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