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ASPA 128: Western shores of Admiralty Bay, King George Island, South Shetland Islands
Proponent: Poland
Location: 62°11'S  58°27'W
Approx. Area: 18.04 km2
Summary: The Area supports an exceptional assemblage of Antarctic birds and mammals close to Arctowski Station (Poland), which is frequently visited by tourist ships. An important aim of the Area is to protect long-term research programmes, conducted on the site since 1976, from accidental disturbance, especially during the breeding season.
Designation: Rec X-5
Last Review: 2014
Current Plan: M 4 (2014)
Next Review: 2019
Annex V format adoption: 2000
Modification / Review summary: Designated SSSI 8 in Rec. X-5 (1979). After several extensions of the original Management Plan a revised version was adopted in Measure 1 (2000). It was re-designated ASPA 128 in Decision 1 (2002). ASPA 128 was included in ASMA 1 in Measure 2 (2006). The current Management Plan was adopted in Measure 4 (2014).
Primary reason for designation: C - areas with important or unusual assemblages of species, including major colonies of breeding native birds or mammals;
Main Environmental Domain represented: A - Antarctic Peninsula northern geologic


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