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ASPA 104: Sabrina Island, Balleny Islands
Proponent: New Zealand
Location: 66°54´S  163°19´12´´E
Approx. Area: 1.5 km2
Summary: The Balleny Islands are located around 325km north of the Pennell Coast, Northern Victoria Land. The ASPA comprises all of Sabrina Island above sea level, including the Monolith, and Chinstrap Islet. The area has outstanding environmental and scientific value. It is a representative sample of the Balleny Islands which is the only oceanic archipelago located within the main Antarctic Coastal Current. As such, they provide important resting and breeding habitat for seabird and seal species, and are significant in circumpolar distributions of a variety of species. Being isolated and prone to difficult weather and ice conditions, the Islands have had very little human disturbance.
Designation: Rec IV-4
Last Review: 2015
Current Plan: M 4 (2015)
Next Review: 2020
Annex V format adoption: 2009
Modification / Review summary: Designated SPA 4 in Rec. IV-4 (1966). The site was re-designated ASPA 104 in Decision 1 (2002). A revised Management Plan was adopted in Measure 3 (2009). The current Management Plan was adopted in Measure 4 (2015).
Primary reason for designation: B - representative examples of major terrestrial, including glacial and aquatic, ecosystems and marine ecosystems;


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