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ASPA 121: Cape Royds, Ross Island
Proponent: United States
Location: 77°33'20"S  166°09'56"E
Approx. Area: 0.62 km2
Summary: Cape Royds is situated at the western extremity of Ross Island, McMurdo Sound, on a coastal strip of ice-free land. Approximately 8 km wide, on the lower western slopes of Mount Erebus. The Area comprises both a terrestrial and marine component. The area supports the most southerly established Adélie penguin colony known. The site was specially protected to allow the penguin population to recover and protect on-going science programs. The colony remains of high scientific and ecological value and as such merits continued long-term special protection, especially in view of ongoing visits to Cape Royds from nearby stations and tourist groups.
Designation: Rec VIII-4
Last Review: 2014
Current Plan: M 2 (2014)
Next Review: 2019
Annex V format adoption: 2002
Modification / Review summary: Designated SSSI 1 in Rec. VIII-4 (1975). The original Management Plan was extended twice and a revised version was adopted in Rec. XIII-9 (1985). The site was re-designated SPA 27 in Measure 1 (1998). The site was re-designated ASPA 121 in Decision 1 (2002). A revised Management Plan was adopted in Measure 1 (2002). A second revised Management Plan was adopted in Measure 5 (2009). The current Management Plan was adopted in Measure 2 (2014).
Primary reason for designation: C - areas with important or unusual assemblages of species, including major colonies of breeding native birds or mammals;
Main Environmental Domain represented: P - Ross and Ronne-Filchner ice shelves


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