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ASPA 122: Arrival Heights, Hut Point Peninsula, Ross Island
Proponent: United States
Location: 77°49'S  166°39'E
Approx. Area: 0.73 km2
Summary: Arrival Heights is a small range of low hills near the south-eastern end of Hut Point Peninsula, south-east Ross Island. Hut Point Peninsula is formed by a line of craters that extend south from the flanks of Mt. Erebus. The area is a natural and electromagnetically quiet site offering ideal conditions for the installation of sensitive instruments for recording data associated with upper atmosphere research programmes. Moreover, the original geographical characteristics of the site, such as its elevated position and thus broad viewing horizon, the volcanic crater morphology, and close proximity to the full logistic support of nearby McMurdo Station (US) (1.5km south and Scott Base (NZ) 3km south-east), continue to render the Area valuable for upper atmospheric studies and boundary layer air sampling studies.
Designation: Rec VIII-4
Last Review: 2016
Current Plan: M 3 (2016)
Next Review: 2021
Annex V format adoption: 2004
Modification / Review summary: Designated SSSI 2 in Rec. VIII-4 (1975). The site was re-designated ASPA 122 in Decision 1 (2002). After several extensions of the original Management Plan a revised Management Plan was adopted in Measure 2 (2004). A second revised Management Plan was adopted in Measure 3 (2011). A new revised Management Plan was adopted in Measure 3 (2016).
Primary reason for designation: I - areas as may be appropriate to protect the values set out in Article 3 paragraph1 of Annex V.
Main Environmental Domain represented: S - McMurdo - South Victoria Land geologic (also includes Ellsworth, Werner etc mountains)


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