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ASPA 124: Cape Crozier, Ross Island
Proponent: United States
Location: 77°30'30"S  169°21'30" E
Approx. Area: 72.21 km2
Summary: Cape Crozier is at the eastern extremity of Ross Island, where an ice-free area comprises the lower eastern slopes of Mount Terror. The Area is situated in the vicinity of Post Office Hill, extending to encompass the adjacent Ross Ice Shelf, where large cracks in the ice shelf are covered by fast-ice that is occupied annually by breeding Emperor penguins. The area supports rich bird and mammal fauna as well as microfauna and microflora, and the ecosystem depends on a substantial mixing of marine and terrestrial elements of outstanding scientific interest. Protection is afforded to the long-term studies of the population dynamics and social behaviour of Emperor and Adélie penguin colonies; as well as skua populations and vegetation assemblages.
Designation: Rec IV-6
Last Review: 2014
Current Plan: M 3 (2014)
Next Review: 2019
Annex V format adoption: 2002
Modification / Review summary: Designada ZEP 6 mediante la Rec. IV-6 (1966), la zona fue suprimida conforme a la Rec. VIII-2 (1975) y pasó a denominarse SEIC 4 por medio de la Rec. VIII-4 (1975) y posteriormente ZAEP 124 en virtud de la Decisión 1 (2002). Tras varias prórrogas del plan de gestión original, se aprobó un plan de gestión revisado mediante la Medida 1 (2002). Un plan de gestión revisado fue adoptado a través de la Medida 7 (2008) El plan de gestión actual fue aprobado en virtud de la Medida 3 (2014).
Primary reason for designation: C - areas with important or unusual assemblages of species, including major colonies of breeding native birds or mammals;
Main Environmental Domain represented: S - McMurdo - South Victoria Land geologic (also includes Ellsworth, Werner etc mountains)


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