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ASPA 138: Linnaeus Terrace, Asgard Range, Victoria Land
Proponent: United States
Location: 77°35'S  161°05'E
Approx. Area: 0.78 km2
Summary: Linnaeus Terrace is a bench of weathered Beacon Sandstone approximately 1.5km in length and 1km in width at an elevation of about 1600m, located at the western end of the Asgard Range, 1.5km north of Oliver Peak. The site is one of the richest localities for the unique cryptoendolithic communities which colonize the Beacon Sandstone. The sandstones exhibit a range of biological and physical weathering forms, as well as trace fossils, and many of the formations are fragile and vulnerable to disturbance and destruction by trampling and sampling.
Designation: Rec XIII-8
Last Review: 2018
Current Plan: M 8 (2013)
Next Review: 2023
Annex V format adoption: 1996
Modification / Review summary: Designated SSSI 19 in Rec. XIII-8 (1985). A revised Management Plan was adopted in Measure 1 (1996). The site was re-designated ASPA 138 in Decision 1 (2002). A revised Management Plan was adopted in Measure 10 (2008). The current revised Management Plan was adopted in Measure 8 (2013). This Management Plan was presented to the CEP in 2018 and it was agreed that the current plan should remain in force.
Primary reason for designation: C - areas with important or unusual assemblages of species, including major colonies of breeding native birds or mammals;
Main Environmental Domain represented: S - McMurdo - South Victoria Land geologic (also includes Ellsworth, Werner etc mountains)
Antarctic Conservation Biogeographic Regions: 9 - South Victoria Land


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