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ASPA 158: Hut Point, Ross Island
Proponent: New Zealand
Location: 77°50'50"S  166°38'E
Approx. Area: N/A
Summary: Hut Point is a small ice free area protruding south west from the Hut Point Peninsula and situated to the west of the United States McMurdo Station. The designated Area consists solely of the structure of the hut which is situated near the south western extremity of Hut Point. The hut is one of the principal sites of the Heroic Age of Antarctic exploration, being built during the National Antarctic (Discovery) Expedition in 1901-1904, and used again by other expeditions in 1907-1909, 1910-1913, and 1914-1917. Consequently, the site contains historic structures and relics pertaining to this era, with some of the earliest advances in Antarctic science are associated with the Discovery Expedition.
Designation: M 1 (1998)
Last Review: 2015
Current Plan: M 13 (2015)
Next Review: 2020
Annex V format adoption: 1998
Modification / Review summary: Originally listed as HSM 18 (Scott’s Hut) in Rec. VII-9 (1972). Designated SPA 28 in Measure 1 (1998). The site was re-designated ASPA 158 in Decision 1 (2002). A revised Management Plan was adopted in Measure 2 (2005). A revised Management Plan was adopted in Measure 10 (2010). The current Management Plan was adopted in Measure 13 (2015).
Primary reason for designation: H - sites or monuments of recognised historic value;
Main Environmental Domain represented: S - McMurdo - South Victoria Land geologic (also includes Ellsworth, Werner etc mountains)


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