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ASPA 165: Edmonson Point, Wood Bay, Ross Sea
Proponent: Italy
Location: 74°20'S  165°08'E
Approx. Area: 5.5 km2
Summary: Edmonson Point is a coastal ice-free area of 1.79km² situated at Wood Bay, 50km north of Terra Nova Bay, and at the foot of Mount Melbourne (2732m), 13km east of the summit, in Victoria Land. The terrestrial and freshwater ecosystem is one of the most outstanding in northern Victoria Land. An exceptional diversity of freshwater habitats is present, with numerous streams, lakes, ponds and seepage areas, exhibiting nutrient conditions ranging from eutrophic to oligotrophic. The nature and diversity of the terrestrial and freshwater habitats offer outstanding scientific opportunities, This Area is considered one of the best sites in Antarctica for studies of algal ecology. The scientific value of Edmonson Point is also considered exceptional for studies on the impact of climate change on terrestrial ecosystems.
Designation: M 1 (2006)
Last Review: 2017
Current Plan: M 7 (2017)
Next Review: 2022
Annex V format adoption: 2006
Modification / Review summary: Designated in Measure 1 (2006). A revised Management Plan was adopted in Measure 8 (2011). The current Management Plan was adopted in Measure 7 (2017).
Primary reason for designation: A - areas kept inviolate from human interference so that future comparisons may be possible with localities that have been affected by human activities;
Main Environmental Domain represented: D - East Antarctic coastal geologic (e.g. Vestfold, Bunger, Wilson hills)


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