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ASMA 1: Admiralty Bay, King George Island
Proponent: Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Poland, United States
Location: 62º 01’21”S  58º 15’05”W
Approx. Area: 409.54 km2
Summary: Admiralty Bay is an area of outstanding environmental, historical, scientific, and aesthetic values. It was first visited by sealers and whalers in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and relics from these periods still remain. The area is characterized by magnificent glaciated mountainous landscape, varied geological features, rich sea-bird and mammal breeding grounds, diverse marine ecosystems, and terrestrial plant habitats. Scientific research in Admiralty Bay in post IGY times has been performed in a more permanent way for some three decades now. The studies on penguins have been undertaken continuously in the area for 28 years, and is the longest ever done in Antarctica. Admiralty Bay also has one of the longest historical series of meteorological data collected for the Antarctic Peninsula, one of the areas of the planet most sensitive to climate change. Admiralty Bay has become a site of increasingly diverse human activities, which are continuously growing and becoming more complex. Along the last 30 years, more stations were settled and have grown in area, and visitors increased in numbers per year, from a few hundreds to over 3000. Better planning and co-ordination of existing and future activities will help to avoid or to reduce the risk of mutual interference and minimize environmental impacts, thus providing an effective mechanism for the conservation of the valuable features that characterize the area.
Designation: M 14 (2014)
Last Review: 2014
Current Plan: M 14 (2014)
Next Review: 2019
Annex V format adoption: 2006
Modification / Review summary: Adopted on a voluntary basis at ATCM XX (1996). Designated ASMA 1 in Measure 2 (2006). The Area includes ASPA 128 (Western Shore of Admiralty Bay). A revised Management Plan was adopted in Measure 14 (2014).
Main Environmental Domain represented: A - Antarctic Peninsula northern geologic


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