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Antarctic Protected Areas Database

Type Number Name Proponent
M. Plan
ASMA 1 Admiralty Bay, King George Island   Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Poland, United States
HSM 1 South Pole Flag Mast   Argentina
HSM 2 Fukushima's Rock Cairn    Japan
ASMA 2 McMurdo Dry Valleys, Southern Victoria Land   New Zealand, United States
ASMA 3 Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay, George V Land, East Antarctica  [De-designated] Australia
HSM 3 Mawson's Rock Cairn - Proclamation Island   Australia
HSM 4 Pole of Inaccessibility Station building   Russian Federation
ASMA 4 Deception Island   Argentina, Chile, Norway, Spain, United Kingdom, United States
ASMA 5 Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, South Pole   United States
HSM 5 Mawson's Rock Cairn - Cape Bruce    Australia
HSM 6 Wilkins's Rock Cairn   Australia
ASMA 6 Larsemann Hills, East Antarctica   Australia, China, India, Romania, Russian Federation
ASMA 7 Southwest Anvers Island and Palmer Basin   United States
HSM 7 Ivan Khmara's Stone   Russian Federation
HSM 8 Anatoly Shcheglov's Monument   Russian Federation
HSM 9 Buromsky Island Cemetery    Russian Federation
HSM 10 Soviet Oasis Station Observatory   Russian Federation
HSM 11 Vostok Station Tractor   Russian Federation
HSM 14 Inexpressible Island Ice Cave   New Zealand
HSM 15 Shackleton's Hut   New Zealand
HSM 16 Terra Nova Hut   New Zealand
HSM 17 Cross on Wind Vane Hill   New Zealand
HSM 18 Scott's Discovery Hut   New Zealand
HSM 19 George Vince's Cross   New Zealand
HSM 20 Observation Hill Cross   New Zealand
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