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Interssessional Activities (2018 - 2019)


ICG to review the Antarctic Clean-Up Manual

Led by Phil Tracy (Australia), this ICG is aimed to collate information on developments and advances in matters relevant to the clean-up of Antarctic past waste disposal sites, past work sites, and contaminated sites; and to review the Antarctic Clean-Up Manual appended to Resolution 2 (2013), as updated in 2014, and suggest any modifications and additional guidance.

Subsidiary Group on Management Plans (SGMP)

Chaired since 2016 by Patricia Ortúzar (Argentina), it was established in 2008 to review new and revised management plans for Antarctic Specially Protected Areas (ASPAs) and Antarctic Specially Managed Areas (ASMAs) and to advise the CEP on the improvement of management plans.

Subsidiary Group on Climate Change Response (SGCCR)

This Subsidiary Group was established in 2017. It is currently chaired by Kevin Hughes (United Kingdom) and is aimed to facilitate the efficient and timely implementation of the CEP Climate Change Response Work Program (CCRWP).


NOTE: Discussions on these matters are undertaken via the CEP Discussion Forum, which is accessible only to CEP members.

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