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Key documents of the CEP

CEP Handbook 2018
Part A: Introduction

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Committee for Environmental Protection
CEP Meetings
Functions of the CEP
Part B: Key References
Antarctic Treaty
Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty (without Annexes)
Annex I - Environmental Impact Assessment
Annex II - Conservation of Antarctic Fauna and Flora
Annex III - Waste Disposal and Waste Management
Annex IV - Prevention of Marine Pollution
Annex V - Area Protection and Management
Annex VI - Liability Arising from Environmental Emergencies
Part C: CEP Procedures and Agreed Guidelines
Rules of Procedure
CEP Rules of Procedure
ATCM Rules of Procedure
Procedures for the Submission, Translation and Distribution of Documents for the ATCM and the CEP
Subsidiary Group on Management Plans (SGMP)
Subsidiary Group on Climate Change Response (SGCCR)
Environmental Impact Assessment (Annex I)
Procedures for intersessional CEP consideration of draft CEEs
Guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment in Antarctica
Circulation of IEE/CEE information
Conservation of Antarctic Fauna and Flora (Annex II)
Guidelines for the Operation of Aircraft Near Concentrations of Birds in Antarctica
Guidelines for CEP Consideration of Proposals for New and Revised Designation of Antarctic Specially Protected Species Under Annex II of the Protocol
Environmental Guidelines for operation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) in Antarctica
SCAR’s Environmental Code of Conduct for Terrestrial Scientific Field Research in Antarctica
Waste Disposal and Waste Management (Annex III)  
Antarctic Clean-up Manual (2014)
Prevention of Marine Pollution (Annex IV)
Practical Guidelines for Ballast Water Exchange in the Antarctic Treaty Area
Area Protection and Management (Annex V)
Guidelines: A prior assessment process for the designation of ASPAs and ASMAs
Guidance for assessing an area for a potential ASMA designation
Guidelines for the preparation of ASMA Management Plans
Guidelines for CEP Consideration of New and Revised Draft ASPA and ASMA Management Plans
Revised Guide to the Preparation of Management Plans for Antarctic Specially Protected Areas
Guidelines for Implementation of the Framework for Protected Areas Set Forth in Article 3, Annex V of the Environmental Protocol

Procedures For Forwarding draft Antarctic Specially Protected Area management Plans to CCAMLR

: Guide to the presentation of Working Papers containing proposals for ASPA, ASMA or HSM
Guidelines for Handling of Pre-1958 Remains whose existence or present location has not been established
Guidelines for Designation of Historic Sites and Monuments
Guidelines for the assessment and management of Heritage in Antarctica
Checklist for inspection of ASPAs and ASMAs
Other Guidelines
Practical Guidelines for Developing and Designing Environmental Monitoring Programmes in Antarctica
General Guidelines for visitors to the Antarctic
CEP Reports
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