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Specially protected areas were first established in 1964 under the Agreed Measures for the Conservation of Antarctic Fauna and Flora. Earlier categories of protected areas were replaced by Annex V to the Environment Protocol, which was adopted in 1991 and entered into force in 2002, and which provides for the designation of Antarctic Specially Protected Areas (ASPA) and Antarctic Specially Managed Areas (ASMA).

An area of Antarctica may be designated an ASPA to protect outstanding environmental, scientific, historic, aesthetic or wilderness values, any combination of those values, or ongoing or planned scientific research. An area where activities are being conducted or may be conducted in the future may be designated as an ASMA , to assist in the planning and co-ordination of activities, avoid possible conflicts, improve co-operation between Parties or minimize environmental impacts.

From its inception the ATCM has emphasized the need to protect sites or monuments of historic interest , which led in 1972 to the establishment of an official list of Historic Sites and Monuments (HSMs).

Special areas may also be designated under the provisions of CCAS and CCAMLR.

The ATCM has adopted guidelines to assist Parties in selecting sites for designation and in preparing management plans.

APA Database
Environmental Domains Analysis for the Antarctic continent
Antarctic Conservation Biogeographic Regions
Important Bird Areas in Antarctica

Annex V (Protected Areas)

Guidelines: A prior assessment process for the designation of ASPAs and ASMAs

Guidance for assessing an area for a potential ASMA designation

Guidelines for the preparation of ASMA Management Plans

Guidelines for CEP Consideration of New and Revised Draft ASPA and ASMA Management Plans

Revised Guide to the Preparation of Management Plans for Antarctic Specially Protected Areas

Guidelines for Implementation of the Framework for Protected Areas

Guidelines for handling of pre-1958 historic remains

Guide for presentation of WPs on ASPAs, ASMAs or HSM (2018)

Checklist to assist in the inspection of ASPAs and ASMAs

Guidelines for the designation and protection of HSM

Report from the first Protected Areas Workshop

Report from the second Protected Areas Workshop

- Summary of the work of the CEP on Marine Protected Areas (2018)
- Guidelines for the assessment and management of Heritage in Antarctica (2018)

List and status of ASPA and ASMA management plans

List of Historic Sites and Monuments
ATCM measures related to protected areas
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